The Connecticut Violin and Viola Studio of Judi McDermott-Eggert

Recital: Sunday, June 12th, at the Christian Science Church on Park St. on the Guilford Green. 1pm – call to tune, do a sound check and warm up; 1:30pm – the music starts. The program will be in 3 parts: Part 1 will be the solos for students sixth grade and younger, Part 2 will be groups and chamber ensembles, and Part 3 will be the solos for students seventh grade and older. Students and families are expected to stay for the entire programs that their child is a part of, and are welcome and encouraged to hear the entire concert.After our first set of rehearsals, I will be able to give your more exact times about the length of the parts of the recital.  Invite as many guests as you like. The space is large and inspiring.  There is a party in Chad’s studio after the second and third parts of the concert.


Ensemble Pieces: Included on the program will be the music that our groups and ensembles have been working on this semester. We will have a Suzuki Book 1 group, a Book 2-3 group, three string quartets and a middle school group performing Schindler’s List, assisted by high-schoolers who are revisiting their own Schindler’s List experience. Additionally, I hope the group performing the Vivaldi Concerto for 3 Violins will be able to perform. There are already rehearsals and lessons scheduled to handle these groups. An extra rehearsal may be called in June to bring everyone together for a rehearsal. The best preparation is using your practice and original CD’s and youtube to gain familiarity with playing with the accompaniment.


Program notes: Although this is a wonderful experience in studying music history and gaining writing experience, because it has been such a busy spring semester for us all, we will pass on this experience and look forward to next year.


Refreshments: yum. Sign up in the studio. The choices are fruit, individual sized cold beverages, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, appetizers, paper plates and napkins.


Dress: girls – fancy dresses, blouses and skirts, or formal pants in spring colors or black and white. Boys – dress pants in either dark or khaki, white shirts, tie, dress shoes and dark socks.


Fees: The fee for the recital is $55 for Book 1 students, and $70 for Book 2 and older per student to cover the recital hall and pianist for all rehearsals and concert. Please speak to me directly if there are any questions or issues. I would appreciate payment this week, but in no case should it be later than May 27th.


There are also a few overdue second semester second payments. Timely payment is greatly appreciated. I will contact you directly about these.